Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why choose filtered Water?

Think Bottled water is good? Well,for some reason it is clearly not a healthier or purer alternative to tap water. To begin with, bottled water is expensive when compared to the cost per gallon of tap water. Depending on where you live it, some tap water is definitely the more economical, and, in many cases, the healthier choice. However,tap water is not without its problems. Dispite,the mulitiple stages of filtration tap water is nowhere near free from dangerous contaminants.

With water filtration technology getting better and more affordable these days.It seems that choosing filter water over bottle or tap water is a prudent choice.
Water filters remove more dangerous contaminants than any other purification method, and they are uniquely designed to work with municipally treated water. The water they produce is not subject to phthalate contamination, and they are able to remove cryptosporidium from drinking water, a feat that neither municipal water treatment plants nor bottled water companies have yet managed. Also, drinking filtered water is a much more economical practice than drinking bottled water. The pure water product of a water filter costs very little more than untreated tap water. Furthermore, because water filters use no more energy than is already required to propel water through a home’s plumbing system, they circumvent several of the environmental problems of the bottled water industry.

Meantime,there is simply no better alternative for purity and economy-than filtered water.


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