Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Alkaline Water Benefits

Keeping your body in an alkaline state is your first level of defense in battle against any illness.

Too much acid is our bodies is a breeding ground fro many potential illnesses. For example, accumulated acid in our joints leads to inflammation and arthritis in the long run. These acidic waste can turn into solids and accumulate as fatty tissues causing blockage and hardening of our arteries and weight gains. Drinking large amounts of alkaline waters has great benefits. Not only helps balance the Ph levels in our bodies, it also dilutes the excessive acid build up.

Chronic cellular dehydration is a primary cause of heart disease and a condition that leaves our body's cells in a perpetual state of weakness and defense. Alkaline water which has 6 times the hydrating power as compare to normal water is ideal cure for this problem.

Alkaline Water has smaller molecular grouping which is clustered into 5~6 water molecules,therefore are smaller in size.The smaller molecular structure is ideal for penetrating into cell more easily. Thus provide better hydration to the cells. With the powerful antioxidant properties and super hydrating capabilities, Alkaline water is great for detoxification.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Is ionized alkaline water filter system safe?

If you are looking for an alkaline water system or already have one. Please read on...There are many types of Alkaline water system out there in the market. Most of them requires electricity to ionize the water to get the alkaline effects. Others like the Hexagon Alkaline hydrogen water filter rely only on natural minerals and substances which are readily available in nature to give you the quality alkaline water that you need,without the harm.

Before you commit to buy any of the ionized alkaline water system , you should be doing some research first. Ionized Alkaline Water System

Note that rust and contaminant can build up over the years in the electrolysis plates of your device as shown below :

More rusted plates pictures...

Still not convinced? Check out the full report here. Ionized Alkaline Water System

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What happen inside the Hexagon Alkaline Hydrogen Water System...

Why choose filtered Water?

Think Bottled water is good? Well,for some reason it is clearly not a healthier or purer alternative to tap water. To begin with, bottled water is expensive when compared to the cost per gallon of tap water. Depending on where you live it, some tap water is definitely the more economical, and, in many cases, the healthier choice. However,tap water is not without its problems. Dispite,the mulitiple stages of filtration tap water is nowhere near free from dangerous contaminants.

With water filtration technology getting better and more affordable these days.It seems that choosing filter water over bottle or tap water is a prudent choice.
Water filters remove more dangerous contaminants than any other purification method, and they are uniquely designed to work with municipally treated water. The water they produce is not subject to phthalate contamination, and they are able to remove cryptosporidium from drinking water, a feat that neither municipal water treatment plants nor bottled water companies have yet managed. Also, drinking filtered water is a much more economical practice than drinking bottled water. The pure water product of a water filter costs very little more than untreated tap water. Furthermore, because water filters use no more energy than is already required to propel water through a home’s plumbing system, they circumvent several of the environmental problems of the bottled water industry.

Meantime,there is simply no better alternative for purity and economy-than filtered water.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Videos on our hexagon alkaline water system

Benefits of Drinking High Quality Water

Easy Installation

Free Consultation, contact Rene @
98207168 ( Singapore ) or email /
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Friday, June 4, 2010

New Product Launch - Hexagon Alkaline Hydrogen Water

Brand new Item ( Made In Korea )

Unique patent-pending technology!
Powerful health-giving properties!

* Alkaline and hydrogen-rich with antioxidant properties!

* Mineralised to support total body health!

* Smaller water clusters for better cell absorption!

* Clean, safe and tasty water right from your tap!

A 4-Cartridge Water Filtration System That Transforms your Tap Water Into
Hydrogen-Rich Alkaline Water

The Mineral Composition Filter
makes the water sweeter by infusing it with minerals. It also contains KDF to neutralise radioactive compounds, mercury and other heavy metals in the water.

The Alkali Block Filter
Specially blended mineral block that produces:
* Hydrogen-rich water
* Alkaline water with pH between 8-10
* Bio-available ionised minerals

The Magnetic Rings
helps to further break down the water molecule clusters.

The Ion Exchange Resins Filter
softens water for better taste and texture.
The Mineral Composition Filter

The Ceramic Filter
removes micro-particulate contaminants, sludge and rust.

The E.A. Device
The first of its kind in the world
* Infuses energy into water through natural spiraling movement This rotation breaks water molecules down into smaller clusters, making them more absorbable.

Normal $695.00
Now $350.00 ( Free Delivery plus installation In Singapore , while stocks last) Call Mr Ng @98207168

Saturday, May 1, 2010

New franchise business with a twist

im looking for business partners for our unique global franchise business. The Ideal partners are people with good network contact and lots of drive. ( no need huge capital )

Job scope :

To help business partners set up free shops globally. We currently have about 1,500 shops in the following areas : Singapore, Malaysia, thailand, Indonesia, brunei, Taiwan, Hong kong, Japan, Korea, USA, Australia. 2011 in china.

Our shops deals with ladies, household and health products. All shops are full supported by company. ( renovation, rental , stocks, utilities )

Prospect :

Own a chain of shops globally without hugh capital or manpower. Stable and unlimited income potential with a 31 years old company. Training provided. Financial freedom within two years.

Business enquiry :

Contact : rene @98207160 to understand the business or view live shop.