Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Water is Life

The Most Affordable Quality 8 Stage Pi Water Filter Available in The Market Today. Only S$155 ( plus Installation ) Special offer, only one set left!!!

Yes, Singapore Water is one of the cleanest in the world. In fact , you can drink them right off the Tap. However, are you aware that in order to kill bacteria in the water, Chlorine is added. Studies have shown that there may be a link between chlorine, cancer and heart diseases. The other benefits of Hexagon Pi Water is its ability to break down water into smaller cluster to help our body better absorb them, thus helps in hydrating and detoxifying us. An 8 Stage process which makes water sweeter, restores ph balance ( 7.3~8ph ) and infuses it with all ionic minerals and trace elements. Infuses water with negative ions to neutralise and helps prevent free radical damage. Filters out harmful bacteria and viruses and removes Fluoride. Our body is made up of 70% water. Unless our system is well hydrated and oxygenise, problems will develope in the long run.

Eight Stage Filter
1st Stage: Ceramic Filter. 2nd Stage: Eon Exchange Resins. 3rd Stage: Activated Granular Carbon. 4th Stage: Mineral Elements. 5th Stage: EC3000 FIR Energy Beads. 6th Stage: Anion Minerals+ . 7th Stage: KDF + Activated Gran. Carbon. 8th Stage: Magnetic Stones.

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π Water is the most ideal for your body. Also known as “energised” or “living” water,” it has a smoother, fresher taste and is just right for sustaining bodily processes enhances detoxification and the elimination of wastes, helping you to attain and maintain a healthy, functioning body. p Water has 6 essential properties:

Clean & Pure – π Water is free of impurities, pesticides, chlorine, volatile organic chemicals, heavy metals (lead, mercury, copper, arsenic, etc). Energized – π Water is properly ionised and alive with vital energy that resonates with the body's trillions of cells to perform crucial biological functions and chemical exchanges. Mineral-rich – π Water is rich in ionic minerals that can be readily absorbed for optimal nourishment and metabolism. The mineral content also improves the structure and taste, so p Water tastes naturally sweeter than tap water and other filtered waters. Alkaline – π Water is slightly alkaline (within the perfect pH range of 7.2-7.5 pH) so it helps to combat unhealthy acidity in the body (caused by stress and unhealthy eating habits). Maintaining a perfect acid/alkaline balance is crucial for optimum health. π Water absorbs and retains more oxygen than tap water. Drinking p Water helps increase oxygen uptake in your cells, keeping your body perpetually refreshed. Smaller Molecular Clusters – Human cells and body fluids consist of water in small hexagonal molecular clusters. π Water has the same small hexagonal molecular clusters so it can be immediately absorbed and utilised by the body. Most other types of water (including tap, distilled, reverse osmosis and most bottled and filtered waters) have larger molecular clusters that need to be reformed or broken down by the body before the water can be utilised. Because π Water easily penetrates cellular membranes, it is much more effective at carrying nutrients in, and transporting toxins out of your cells. 8 Stage Water Purifier for Healthy WaterWith 8 Great Benefits 48112 Hexagon™ 8-Stage π Water Purifier Product of Taiwan

• Effectively removes chlorine, impurities, pesticides, volatile organic chemicals and heavy
metals from water
• Infuses water with energy and retains more oxygen for cellular uptake
• Enriched with ionic minerals & trace minerals
• Has a slightly alkaline pH, perfect for your body
• Has small hexagonal molecular clusters that can be immediately absorbed and utilised by your
• Tastes great and improves the flavour of your food and beverages
• No boiling necessary as long as your water comes from a treatment plant
• Easy to install and maintain

Experience a world of difference with Hexagon™ π Water Benefit more from your food:

• Helps remove harmful pesticides & chemical residue• Keeps vegetables & fruits fresher• Retains the
freshness of meat, seafood & eliminates fishy odors ,Benefit more from your supplements.
• With smaller molecular clusters, the water can be easily absorbed by your cells, ensuring optimal delivery of
vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutrients to your body.

The Wellness H2.O is a personal, reusable water bottle that features a unique filtration system that not only purifies ordinary tap water, but also enhances the water for better absorption and hydration. With this special filtration process you'll have access to high quality water wherever you go.

Experience Better Health:

• Enjoy clean & uncontaminated, mineral-rich, slightly alkaline, oxygenated, energized water • Be amazed at
how hydrated and refreshed your body feels when you drink water with small hexagonal molecular clusters.
It is enhanced for better absorption and is much more effective at helping your body eliminate waste, and
repair and renew itself. • Relax in the knowledge that you are giving your family the most health-protecting
and health-enhancing water available • Feel safe mixing your precious baby's formula
Hexagon for Healthier Plants and Pets:
• Prolongs the freshness of cut flowers for longer lasting blooms• Optimizes the growth of potted plants•
Keeps pets healthy and odorless • Promotes shiny fur • Great for fish too!
The 8 Stage Water Purifier gives you more than just safe water. It gives a smoother, fresher taste and is just
right for sustaining bodily processes. It enhances detoxification and elimination of waste, and helps in
attaining and maintaining overall good health.

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  1. Isn't it wonderful that you can have such a powerful anti-oxidant with Living Water. Put your body into repair mode and have optimal hydration at the same time. Having a Living Water machine in your home you are able to bathe your cells in anti-oxidant, alkaline water continually all day long. Awesome!!! more info on alkaline water ionizer