Friday, June 4, 2010

New Product Launch - Hexagon Alkaline Hydrogen Water

Brand new Item ( Made In Korea )

Unique patent-pending technology!
Powerful health-giving properties!

* Alkaline and hydrogen-rich with antioxidant properties!

* Mineralised to support total body health!

* Smaller water clusters for better cell absorption!

* Clean, safe and tasty water right from your tap!

A 4-Cartridge Water Filtration System That Transforms your Tap Water Into
Hydrogen-Rich Alkaline Water

The Mineral Composition Filter
makes the water sweeter by infusing it with minerals. It also contains KDF to neutralise radioactive compounds, mercury and other heavy metals in the water.

The Alkali Block Filter
Specially blended mineral block that produces:
* Hydrogen-rich water
* Alkaline water with pH between 8-10
* Bio-available ionised minerals

The Magnetic Rings
helps to further break down the water molecule clusters.

The Ion Exchange Resins Filter
softens water for better taste and texture.
The Mineral Composition Filter

The Ceramic Filter
removes micro-particulate contaminants, sludge and rust.

The E.A. Device
The first of its kind in the world
* Infuses energy into water through natural spiraling movement This rotation breaks water molecules down into smaller clusters, making them more absorbable.

Normal $695.00
Now $350.00 ( Free Delivery plus installation In Singapore , while stocks last) Call Mr Ng @98207168


  1. Hi how often does e cartridges need to b changed n how much does it cost?
    Thx can email me yr reply

  2. hi, is your selling price still at 300 and include delivery? Able to self install? Thanks

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